About Recipe Girl

Welcome to my recipe blog!


I have a lot of recipes to share.

Plus, I want to hear your cooking stories, and post some really yummy recipes!

Are you a foodie with a blog? Let me know about it!

So, what are you waiting for?

Let’s start sharing recipes and exercise tips !

Contact Karen: karencottonwriter@gmail.com  

Recipe girl in Wyoming FAQ:

Why have a Recipe Girl in Wyoming blog? Over the past year, I’ve received a number of requests from friends and family to share my recipe ideas.

How did the blog begin? My recipe blog Wyomingrecipesforbusyfamilies on Blogger was started in memory of my grandmother, Margaret Controy, who died in September of 2008.Her legacy of good cooking, sharing a love of food and gatherings are continued here onRecipe Girl in Wyoming.

Blog purpose: To share recipes of friends and family, my readers, my grandma’s recipes and  to share exercise tips. 

WARNING! Some of the recipes on here may be comfort foods that are, (do I dare say it ?)… fattening. Gasp!(Yes, ladies and gents that’s why elastic and black are a must!).

You only live once, so eat and fix good food while you’re at it!

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